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Development too often happens in darkness, we need to shine a light on it. Development should happen with a community, not to it. My time in College Hill has taught me that when you truly work with the community, they’re bought in as the neighborhood thrives. All 52 neighborhoods deserve that kind of leadership. Community Development will be a top priority of mine on council, to build a better Cincinnati.

During my time at CHCURC, we have led the production and preservation of hundreds of new units of housing in College Hill, including 100+ units of much-needed affordable housing. We need to find ways to build new units of affordable housing, and to maintain our naturally occurring affordable units. It’s the only way Cincinnati will thrive in the next decade.

Our local businesses deserve the opportunity to thrive. It is our responsibility to support all small businesses, not just brick and mortars, as we develop our 52 neighborhoods. There are many innovative ways to collaborate, like the model behind OurShop.

People have really great ideas, and they can really thrive if given the chance, so let’s give them a chance,” Seth Walsh said.

Development in neighborhoods too often requires extensive capital investment that blocks out small businesses from being a part of the revitalization. OurShop gives us and them the opportunity to be a critical part in our work.

Cincinnati deserves to be on the national stage. We should have events like BLINK every weekend, attracting new attention to our growing City. Too often Cincinnati is passed over for big opportunities, but now is the time to lean into the potential of our great City.

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