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Residents view Seth Walsh’s background in community development as win for City Council

“By buying this house and turning it around, we are actually setting the market and finding increased values for all the properties around here and show that Sedamsville CDC is here to stay,” Walsh said. “The contractor that we ended up working with actually ended up hiring people from the neighborhood to help finish the house off. It has been top to bottom Sedamsville residents. A great resource to teach them new skills as well as show them they can actually have an impact in their community.”

Cincinnati is becoming a destination. We must act now to use the national spotlight to grow Cincinnati into an even greater city.

Walsh asserts that development should reflect the demographics of the neighborhood, not the developer’s personal biases. He makes sure that the College Hill CURC “seeks out a wide variety of people to give us opinions or connect us with the next business idea.”

“Right now, our small businesses are some of the most vulnerable and we are willing to take this burden off their plates during this trying time,” said Seth Walsh, executive director at CURC, which owns 19 buildings in the business district that it has redeveloped or is in the process of redeveloping.

“This has been 20 years in the making. The community banded together 20 years ago with this vision, and it was really hard to see it coming to fruition for all those years, and now it seems like it’s all happened overnight, and that’s not the case. This has been a long strategy. The community has been bought in, they’ve been fighting to make this happen,” Walsh said.

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